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Showing 1 - 24 of 199 products
Tick Somso ZoS 122
Sale price$1,218.00
Spotted Fire Salamander, Male Somso ZoS 1001
Spotted Fire Salamander, Male
Sale price$152.25
Model of the Worker Bee Somso ZoS 47/1
Model of the Worker Bee
Sale price$1,212.75
Chromosome model Somso ZoS 57/4
Chromosome model
Sale price$684.25
Models of Vertebrate Brains Somso ZoS 55
Models of Vertebrate Brains
Sale price$1,086.75
DNA double helix (Type B-DNA) Somso ZoS 57/20zos57_20_v1dyJyyWj6X9LEQ_2560x2560__29975.1671395485.1280.1280.jpg
DNA double helix (Type B-DNA)
Sale price$1,480.50
0550-00 Great American Bullfrog0550-00 Great American Bullfrog
Great American Bullfrog
Sale price$1,204.22
Beaver Skull Somso ZoS 53/20
Beaver Skull
Sale price$652.75
Model of a Cow | Somso ZoS 1/1Model of a Cow organs | Somso ZoS 1/1
Cow Model
Sale price$8,449.00
Models of Sets of Cow's Teeth | Somso ZoS 5
Models of Sets of Cow's Teeth
Sale price$1,552.25
Yellow-bellied Toad Somso ZoS 1009
Yellow-bellied Toad
Sale price$374.50
Young Gorilla Skull Somso ZoS 50/1
Young Gorilla Skull
Sale price$362.25
Horse 1 Somso Zo 28
Horse 1
Sale price$9,999.00
Artificial Foot Skeleton of a Chimpanzee Somso ZoS 53/122
Water Frog 1 Somso ZoS 100/1
Water Frog 1
Sale price$3,801.00
Common Spadefoot Somso ZoS 1011
Common Spadefoot
Sale price$420.00
Marsh Frog Somso ZoS 1022
Marsh Frog
Sale price$441.00
Protein Model (human bone Morphogenetic protein BMP-2) Somso ZoS 57/10-E
Artificial Hand Skeleton of a Chimpanzee Somso ZoS 53/131
Domestic cat model Somso ZoS 27/1
Domestic cat model
Sale price$9,999.00
Grass Snake, Female Somso ZoS 1033
Grass Snake, Female
Sale price$992.25
Common Tree Frog, seldom light blue variety, Female Somso ZoS 1016/4
Common Toad, Bufo bufo - pair in amplexus Somso ZoS 1013/2