Anatomy Series 1.1

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Showing 1 - 24 of 30 products
Brain stem, deep cerebral and diencephalic structures 3D Replica MP1100 | Erler-Zimmer | CandentMP1100_1__50039.1656708116.1280.1280.jpg
Abdomen with inguinal hernia 3D Replica MP1133 | Erler-Zimmer | CandentMP1133_1__84047.1656708115.1280.1280.jpg
Abdomen with inguinal hernia
Sale price$10,996.99
Right lung, hilum removed 3D Replica MP1126 | Erler-Zimmer | CandentMP1126_4__08704.1656708115.1280.1280.jpg
Right lung, hilum removed
Sale price$1,937.62
Abdomen vasculature 3D Replica MP1131 | Erler-Zimmer | CandentMP1131_3__63570.1656708114.1280.1280.jpg
Abdomen vasculature
Sale price$9,563.76
Lung Slab, Hilum removed 3D Replica MP1125 | Erler-Zimmer | CandentMP1125_2__14401.1656708114.1280.1280.jpg
Lung Slab, Hilum removed
Sale price$1,454.54
Brain Hemisection 3D Replica MP1102 | Erler-Zimmer | CandentMP1102__49620.1656708113.1280.1280.jpg
Brain Hemisection
Sale price$1,545.12
Hilum of the left lung 3D Replica MP1124 | Erler-Zimmer | CandentMP1124_1__28260.1656708113.1280.1280.jpg
Hilum of the left lung
Sale price$1,003.44
Sinus Pathways 3D Replica MP1106 | Erler-Zimmer | CandentMP1106_3__01712.1656708112.1280.1280.jpg
Sinus Pathways
Sale price$1,339.10
Hilum of the right lung 3D Replica MP1127 | Erler-Zimmer | CandentMP1127_2__06063.1656708112.1280.1280.jpg
Hilum of the right lung
Sale price$1,841.71
Sagittal Section of head with infratemporal Fossa Dissection 3D Replica MP1104 | Erler-Zimmer | CandentMP1104_5__16745.1656708112.1280.1280.jpg
Female hemipelvis and thigh 3D Replica MP1140 | Erler-Zimmer | CandentMP1140_1__68730.1656708112.1280.1280.jpg
Female hemipelvis and thigh
Sale price$4,914.19
Female pelvis deep dissection 3D Replica MP1141 | Erler-Zimmer | CandentMP1141__51370.1656708111.1280.1280.jpg
Female pelvis deep dissection
Sale price$8,167.82
Male hemipelvis and thigh 3D Replica MP1142 | Erler-Zimmer | CandentMP1142_7__90305.1656708111.1280.1280.jpg
Male hemipelvis and thigh
Sale price$8,736.14
Brain (Cerebrum) 3D Replica MP1103 | Erler-Zimmer | CandentMP1103_3__43456.1656708110.1280.1280.jpg
Brain (Cerebrum)
Sale price$2,495.28
Pericardial space 3D Replica MP1121 | Erler-Zimmer | CandentMP1121_1__85280.1656708110.1280.1280.jpg
Pericardial space
Sale price$3,464.98
Internal abdominal wall 3D Replica MP1137 | Erler-Zimmer | CandentMP1137_2__90187.1656708110.1280.1280.jpg
Internal abdominal wall
Sale price$1,301.81
Superficial Face 3D Replica MP1108 | Erler-Zimmer | CandentMP1108_8__37299.1656708109.1280.1280.jpg
Superficial Face
Sale price$2,045.95
Thorax with heart and vessels 3D Replica MP1122 | Erler-Zimmer | CandentMP1122_7__62141.1656708109.1280.1280.jpg
Thorax with heart and vessels
Sale price$5,947.82
Spleen and pancreas 3D Replica MP1135 | Erler-Zimmer | CandentMP1135__34534.1656708109.1280.1280.jpg
Spleen and pancreas
Sale price$1,340.88
Superficial Facial nerves & Parotid Gland 3D Replica MP1109 | Erler-Zimmer | CandentMP1109_8__56430.1656708108.1280.1280.jpg
Parasagittal Section of the head and neck 3D Replica MP1107 | Erler-Zimmer | CandentMP1107_6__56102.1656708108.1280.1280.jpg