Water Frog 1

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Pelophylax kl. esculentus (synonym: Rana kl. esculenta). After Christian Groß, Director of Studies. Scale: 4:1, in SOMSO-PLAST®. The model shows a male Edible Frog with sprayed-out legs and inflated vocal sacs. The dorsal view shows the characteristics of form, colour and marking. Liver and gastrointestinal tract can be removed. The hind legs can be removed at the thighs. The urinary and genital organs of a female edible frog are shown on a supplementary model for comparison. Separates into 5 parts. On a stand with green base.

Weight: 5 kg | 11.02 lbs
Dimensions: 28 x 41 x 61 cm | 11.1" x 16.2" x 24.1"


Weight 0.71 kg
1.57 lbs
Dimensions 66 x 41 x 28.5 cm
26" x 16.2" x 11.3"
Warranty 5 year

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