Exceptional Detail

Created from selected radiographic patient data
or high quality real human prosected
cadaver specimens

Head Neck Shoulder with Angiosomes - 3D Printed Cadaver

Safe, Stable and Accessible

No ethical | storage | regulatory issues
It's cadaver quality specimen simplified

Reasons your program will love these replicas

  • No special storage requirements
  • No chemicals or harmful odors
  • No regulatory requirements to procure
  • No degradation over time
  • No special equipment or precautions required for handling
  • No risk of offgassing or poor / incomplete preparation


  • Specimens are easily replicated for use at multiple sites
  • Specimens can be scaled up in size for front of class demonstration
  • Easy to transport and ship with no special documentation required
  • Wide ranging catalogue including new series of pathologies

Venous Circulation | 3D Printed Cadaver

Anatomy Series 1.0

Monash Anatomy Series represents an unique and unrivalled collection of colour-augmented human anatomy body replicas designed specifically for enhanced teaching and learning. This premium collection of highly accurate normal human anatomy has been generated directly from either radiographic data or actual cadaveric specimens using advanced imaging techniques.

The Monash 3D Human Anatomy Series provides a cost effective means to meet your specific educational and demonstration needs in a range of curricula from medicine, allied health sciences and biological sciences. A detailed description of the anatomy displayed in each 3Dprinted body replica is provided.

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Anatomy Series 1.1

Didactically colored - extended Series healthy

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Rheumatic endocarditis

Pathology Series 2.0

Rare Pathology cases preserved for a new way of teach and learning rare conditions.

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