Need an RFQ? Sending a PO? Let us help

We have been servings schools, hospitals, professional practices and government institutions since 1971 and are to help fill any order requests. Already have an account and just want to place your order? You can now enter your Purchase Order number during checkout. Upon successful review of the order, we will process and release the order and forward you an invoice.

Want to send us a PO? Not a problem. We accept purchase orders by phone, fax, email and online from most of the following:

  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Government Agencies
  • Institutions

Not sure if your institution has an account? Contact us to confirm.

Ordering from the United States

Based in the United States and looking to order from us. We've got you covered. We have W-8BEN-E forms available to send if setting us up in your system. Our relationships with Canadapost and UPS ensures cost effective, fuss free cross border shipments.

Please note that all prices shown online are in Canadian funds. For a quote with US pricing please contact us here.

International Orders

We can ship to most locations globally free of any existing distribution restrictions. Please contact us with your list of items to order and shipping details. We can forward you a quotation along with transport charges and payment instructions.

Remote payment by credit card can be furnished. A bank charge may be applied to proforma invoices for inbound wire transfers, details will be provided in detail.


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