XR Artificial Radiographic Training System

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Help bring patient like training to your clinical program.  Ideal for Dental Assisting programs where xray training and certification is required.  Compliant with program guidelines.

We have worked with both natural bone and teeth type trainers along with artifical models but this new option gives the best of both worlds.  It allows for detailed images showing full delination of the teeth from pulp to crown to dentin. 

The days of black and white, opaque or traslucent tissue are gone and varying densitites allow for precise evaluation.  No more questionable passing grades because of poor imaging or artifacts.  Get clear and concise testing everytime.

One handed control of the open and closing mechanism lets you position your film or sensor easily.  Comes with a wider palate to accomodate Schick type sensors.

Paired with a dental chair, table or panoramic mount this system allows for great versatility.  It is assembled in modular fashion so any repairs are quick and easy since parts are interchangable.


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