The Human Skull, Cranium Hominis

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This medical chart presents a comprehensive anatomical overview of the human skull, labeled "Cranium Hominis." It is a highly detailed educational poster, designed for medical students and practitioners to facilitate learning and patient education.

The central focus is a front-facing, life-sized depiction of the skull with each bone precisely outlined and named. Surrounding this are various views and cross-sections: the skull from below, side, and behind, as well as detailed insets of individual bones like the mandible, maxillary, and the ethmoid bone, among others.

Each bone is meticulously illustrated, demonstrating the intricate details of the skull's anatomy, with labels and annotations in a clear, legible font. The coloration is realistic, with a pale yellow bone color against a contrasting dark background, making the annotations easy to read. Insets are colored to highlight different regions or features, such as the cranial cavity, sinus cavities, and the teeth within the mandible, aiding in visual differentiation and understanding.


Measuring 70 x 100 cm (approximately 27.6 x 39.4 inches)

Rudiger Anatomie Authorized Distributor

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