Teeth And Jaw Development

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Four life-size unbreakable plastic models, mounted on a single hardwood base, trace the development of human jaws and teeth from birth through adulthood.

Each model depicts the right half of the maxilla and mandible cut open to expose the roots of the teeth and developing teeth within the jaws. Color-coded to identify deciduous, successional and superadded permanent teeth, this series includes jaws of newborn, 5-year old, 9-year old and adult.

Jaws of a newborn child showing all deciduous teeth still embedded in the jaw: the incisors soon to erupt. Each tooth in the newborn jaws has been labeled with the age in months when it will erupt. This is
an exclusive Denoyer-Geppert extra-value feature not found on competitors’ models.

Jaws of a 5-year old showing a full set of 5 upper and 5 lower deciduous teeth per jaw half. Permanent teeth are portrayed in vari- ous stages of development within the jaws. The first permanent molars and permanent incisors are nearly completely developed.

Jaws of a 9-year old with permanent incisors and first molars in place, making a total of 3 permanent and 3 deciduous teeth per upper and lower jaw half. Permanent canines and premolars are fairly well devel- oped within the jaws.

Jaws of an adult showing a full comple- ment of 8 upper and 8 lower permanent teeth per jaw half. Each tooth in the adult jaws has been labeled with its eruption age in years – another extra- value feature exclusively from Denoyer-Geppert.

Overall dimensions: 9 x 18 x 4 inches (23 x 46 x 10 cm)

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