Skull model for dentistry with TMJ syndrome, 8 parts

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The skull dentists have been waiting for!  This model beautifully illustrates joint dysfunction, associated muscles and a section jaw for implantology.

This first-class model of a human skull focuses specifically on teeth and jaws and is therefore the perfect teaching and demonstration tool for the field of dentistry and oral surgery.

The front half of the upper and lower jaw can be removed to reveal teeth with roots, unilateral nerves and blood vessels as well as the maxillary sinuses. The skull is not only suitable as a perfect aid for learning anatomy, but also as an explanatory aid for oral surgery and implantology.

This special design serves to illustrate the TMD syndrome. In temporomandibular dysfunction, there is a dysfunction in the interaction between temporomandibular joints, masticatory muscles and teeth. The wear of the tooth enamel due to grinding, wear of the discus as well as relevant masticatory muscles M. masseter, pars superficialis, pars profundus as well as the relatively newly discovered pars coronoidea are shown. All three muscles are detachable.

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