Simulation X-Ray Manikin

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This radiographic trainer is ideal for practice and positioning during x-ray procedures. The manikin consists of an institutional dental chair mount, flexible finger for positioning, radio-opaque dentoform, aluminum head and fletcher mask.

The insitutional dental chair mount allow immense versatility by allow it to be fitted to nearly any style or size of chair. The ball end of the mount rest on the chair cushion while the mounting plate and strapping system are tethered to the seatback using a belt system. The rotation and angle of the head can be adjusted.

The 1974 Rad Dentoform model is the perfect substitute for any program looking for a cost effective alternative to natural bone radiographic manikins which are inherently more expensive and far less durable than the artificial teeth used by this system

The Fletcher mask is an ideal way to simulate the restrictions when dealing with a patient and provides a confined area in which to operate.

Columbia Dentoform Authorized Distributor

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