SaskPolytech Dental Assisting Kit

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Configure your kit: Typodont and set of custom preps
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Purchase your Dental Assisting kit now.

You can configure your kit to include everything you need for your program.  Order the typodont model (the set of jaws) along with the custom set of pre-prepared teeth that will be used in your course and have everything you need from day one.


You can also purchase just the custom set of pre-prepared teeth to be used in your existing model although a new model is recommended to ensure you have proper occlusion and contact. 

If you have a model which has some wear and tear an optional set of replacement gingiva can be ordered to refurbish the model.


What should I order?

  • New to the program - the standard option which includes the model and teeth
  • Have a worn model - you will need the teeth but might also need gums and oral cavity cover - see related products below


* All orders will be shipped directly to the school and distributed by your program

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