Rudiger Standard Human Skeleton

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A higher level of detail and function for a Standard Model

The standard skeleton is the perfect reproduction of a human skeleton cast directly from specially selected natural human skeleton material to insure finest bone quality, structures and details of the bony surface.

Drawing from the finest natural skeleton specimen available to cast, artists were not used to sculpt bones to mimic nature. Instead nature was cast to provide the most accurate reproduction.

What you will find is the human anatomy that is perfectly captured by way of specialties that are unique to nature. For example the os coccygis comes with a deformity, the skull has an impacted third molar and a rare os interparietale between os occipitale and os parietale.

The skeleton shows all of the 206 - 214 bones of a normal male adult. Every 24 vertebrae, all 12 ribs of each side, every 26 bones of each foot and 27 bones of each hand are individual and single mounted.

Special U-brackets allow to the arm and leg to display internal and external rotation along with natural movement, as nature intended. The elbows show natural movement of the radius and ulna; while turning the hand, radius and ulna show bones in crossed and parallel position.

A natural cast skull is included capturing the finer details of the cranial anatomy. It is dissectable into 4 parts and features the full dentition. 31 of 32 individual teeth come with full roots and are removable. You may pull teeth out of the maxillae and mandible for individual demonstration and place them back in the socket. The mandible is removable and features a bony flap on one side which can be opened to show the nerve canal, bony structure, roots of teeth and an impacted third molar.

The model includes a 5-leg stand with casters and dust cover. The skeleton is approximately 180 cm / 6' tall when mounted on the stand. The weight is 11 kg / 24 lbs and the base has a radius of 60 cm / 24". Arms, legs and skull are removable and come dettached during transport.

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