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Replacement gingiva for 32 tooth Kilgore typodont model.  The same gingiva supplied with a new typodont model, this set of upper and lower gums is meant to replace worn and torn gingiva.  Keep your model looking new and your practice consistent.  New gingiva allow you to realisticially practice your work while being able to see when you make have caused damage.

This is the same silicone gingiva as used for the clinical exams.


Is there a difference between the Urethane (GUB) and Silicone (GSF) gingiva?

The shape of both gingiva are identical and they can be used interchangably on 200 series typodont models. 

The silicone material is slightly softer with a brighter pink color while urethane has a harder finish and the colour is slightly more orangish.  You really won't be able to distinguish the material by colour alone, unless you put the two type side by side. 

Certain dental materials can react and adhere differently while curing to the urethane and silicone.


What is the easiest way to replace the gingiva?

  1. Working with one arch at a time, upper or lower remove every other tooth (1.7, 1.5, 1.3, 1.1 etc) by unscrewing them from below. 
  2. With every other tooth removed there is enough space to gently pull the gingiva up and over the remaining teeth. 
  3. Take this time to clean the palate and blow some air into the sockets to remove any debris from the teeth. 
  4. Take the new gingiva and carefully pull it over one tooth at a time until it is fitting snugly on the model. 
  5. Carefully reinstall the teeth you removed earlier and screw them into place. 
  6. You may want to hold the teeth in place while tightening the screw to ensure proper positioning and contact.

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