Pelvis with Lumbar Spine and Lumbar Muscles

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This model of the lumbar spine and pelvis is ideal for teaching and learning. Invaluable in a clinic to help show patients muscular, ligament and nerve issues.

  • Natural cast Skeletal structure, fully flexible
  • Pelvis is flexibly mounted to show movement and dysfunction
  • Superficial, deep and deeper layers of muscle are shown
  • Features simulated herniated disc, spinal cord and nerve endings
  • Removable from base

Natural cast for accurate reproduction of the skeletal structure this pelvis model is fully flexible and comes with superficial, deep and deeper muscles of the lumbar spine and back. Further it comes with spinal cord and spinal nerve endings shown.

The mounting of the ilium and pelvis is flexible for display of SI movement or dysfunction. The natural motion of the hip joint can be demonstrated.

The model is removable from it's base.

Rudiger Anatomie Authorized Distributor

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