PCS 250 Oxidizing Disinfectant Cleaner, 3.78 L

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The same disinfectant we used when testing our models to ensure models are disinfected without harming your models - We tried damaging our model so you won't harm yours


PCS is pleased to share the best cleaning practices for managing during a major viral outbreak. Simply apply PCS 250 Oxidizing Disinfectant/Disinfectant Cleaner to frequently touched surfaces and Wipe Dry. Our Neutral pH formulation, which also contains stable hypochlorous acid, is considered to be 40 to 60 times more effective then bleach. PCS 250 Oxidizing Disinfectant/Disinfectant Cleaner is also extremely mild. (Hypochlorous acid is produced by our white blood cells which helps us naturally defend against invading pathogens. Hypochlorous acid is used as a wound cleansing agent and even as an eye lid cleanser).

  • PCS 250 disinfectant cleaner
  • Use to disinfect and clean walls, tables, floors and countertops
  • Neutral pH Formulation
  • Ideal for business, schools, clinics, and hospitals cleaning & disinfecting agent
  • Contains up to 90 % less chemicals
  • Stable equilibrium containing Sodium hypochlorite and hypochlorous acid
  • Extremely mild to skin
  • Leaves virtually no detectable residue
  • 3.78 L

Candent Authorized Distributor

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