Nonbreakable Life-Size Heart

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This resilient vinyl heart divides into anterior and posterior sections to access its pumping chambers and valves.  Vessels are color-coded red or blue to indicate whether they carry oxygenated or deoxygenated blood.  Significant cardiac features, 33 in all, are hand numbered on the model for identification in the accompanying key.

Nesting on a form-fitting display base, the heart lifts off for hands-on observation and study. 

Overall dimensions: 4x4x6 inches (11x11x15cm).

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  1. Right atrium

  2. Left atrium

  3. Right ventricle

  4. Left ventricle

  5. Conus arteriosus

  6. Apex of heart

  7. Coronary sulcus

  8. Right coronary artery

  9. Right coronary vein

  10. Great cardiac vein

  11. Anterior interventricular branch of left coronary artery (left anterior descending coronary artery)

  12. Anterior interventricular sulcus

  13. Coronary sinus

  14. Middle cardiac vein

  15. Posterior interventricular sulcus

  16. Posterior vein of left ventricle

  17. Superior vena cava

  18. Pulmonary trunk

  19. Left pulmonary artery

  20. Right pulmonary artery

  21. Left pulmonary veins

  22. Right pulmonary veins

  23. Inferior vena cava

  24. Ascending aorta

  25. Aortic arch

  26. Pulmonary valve (semilunar valve of pulmonary trunk)

  27. Aortic valve (semilunar valve of aorta)

  28. Valve of inferior vena cava

  29. Tricuspid valve

  30. Papillary muscles

  31. Interventricular septum

  32. Bicuspid (mitral) valve

  33. Circumflex branch of left coronary artery

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