NDEB Typodont and Oral Cavity Cover with Magnetic Plates

SKU: 32 Tooth Typodont Model - Silicone (GSF) Gums

Typodont: 32 Tooth Typodont Model - Silicone (GSF) Gums
Oral Cavity Cover: Oral Cavity Cover
Magnetic Plates: Magnetic plates for DARWIN manikin
Sale price$305.00


The most popular combination for NDEB preparatory course and practice at home. This combination includes the typodont model, oral cavity cover and the DARWIN magnetic plates. This allows you the flexibility to use your model in both a DARWIN manikin setting as well as with a simple mount setup at home.


This model is used for the practice and demonstration for students learning hygiene, assisting and denistry studies. All of the teeth can be removed individually for easy replacement. All teeth are made with lifelike density and morphology. This model will accept all genuine 200 series teeth produced by NISSIN including those for restorative practice.

The model features the softer, pink silicone material gingivae similar to the one used for examination purposes. The gingivae can be easily replaced to prolong the life of your model.

You extend the functionality of the typodont model as well with the addition of the oral cavity cover and magnetic plates for use in some training manikins.


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