Set of Composite Resin Teeth with Orange Caries

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Limited Quantities available - Get some practice on the Orange Caries used for the ACS exam

Due to the limited nature of these teeth, we must limit them to 10 sets per customer.  If additional supply becomes available we will gladly allow reorders.

Composite Resin teeth, the same as used for the ACS exam are not typically available.  They feature the same material for the crown and dentin as the standard A27 Caries teeth.  The Orange Carie inside is meant to eliminate excessive removal of the caries which can be caused by the lack of definition at the seam where the crown is attached to the dentin ("grey line").  The orange caries allows for enough contrast so you do not remove anything beyond the caries material, preserving the tooth.

This set contains the following composite resin teeth with Orange Caries:

  • 3.6 MOD
  • 1.3 Distal


Standard caries teeth should still be used for practice of techniques but these will allow you to get used to the material and contrast presented at the exam.


Why do we limit the quantity we sell?

The main reason we do it is to help our customer.  On items which are limited due to production contraints we have seen individuals order large quantities, larger than they need, with the plan to create a shortage and then sell them at a much higher price.  To minimize that price gauging we limit the quantity we sell so as many people as possible can get the teeth at the proper price.

It is more time consuming and harder to do it this way but it's how we try to keep things fair.

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