Model of the Carcass of a Bullock

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1/2 natural size. Produced in collaboration with the Bavarian Institute for Animal-Breeding in Grub near Munich. The model shows the left half of the carcass of a bullock that was slaughtered when it weighed 560 kg and was 15 months old. Special features are the full thigh, the broad back and the well-developed muscles in the shoulder. The carcass is symmetrical with a thin layer of surface fat covering it. The model has been cut up in portions as recommended by the German Agricultural Society (DLG). Separates into 12 parts. On a stand with base.



Weight 1.6 kg
3.53 lbs
Dimensions 115.5 x 43.5 x 36.5 cm
45.5" x 17.2" x 14.4"
Warranty 5 year

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