Mandible Of Young Adult

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The left mandible of a postadolescent with its full complement of eight teeth, approximately three times life size, is faithfully rendered in unbreakable plastic. The bony outer layer of the jaw is cut away, exposing the mandibular blood vessels, roots of the teeth, and their nerves. Sectioned longitudinally from crown to root, one molar shows the destructive action of caries, while another exhibits advanced inflammation (pulpitis). The inner surface of the jaw shows the submaxillary and sublingual salivary glands.

48 numbered features are defined in the accompanying key.

Overall dimensions: 13×14×9 inches (33×36×23 cm).

  1. Body of mandible
  2. Condylar process
  3. Coronoid process
  4. Mandibular notch
  5. Angle of mandible
  6. Genial tubercle
  7. Mental protuberance
  8. Mental tubercle
  9. Retromolar triangle
  10. Mandibular foramen
  11. Mental foramen
  12. Mylohyoid groove
  13. Symphysis of mandible
  14. Section of mandible, showing cancellous tissue
  15. Medial pterygoid muscle
  16. Lateral pterygoid muscle
  17. Mylohyoid muscle
  18. Superior constrictor muscle of pharynx
  19. Digastric muscle, anterior belly
  20. Masseter muscle (insertion)
  21. Gingiva
  22. Submandibular gland
  23. Submandibular duct
  24. Sublingual gland
  25. Excretory ducts of sublingual gland
  26. Inferior alveolar artery
  27. Inferior alveolar vein
  28. Inferior alveolar nerve
  29. Mylohyoid nerve
  30. Lingual nerve
  31. Facial artery
  32. Mental artery
  33. Mental vein
  34. Mental nerve
  35. Incisive branches of alveolar artery, vein & nerve
  36. Central incisor
  37. Lateral incisor
  38. Canine tooth (cuspid)
    1. Enamel
    2. Dentin
    3. Cementum
    4. Pulp with dental vessels and nerves
  39. Periodontal membrane
  40. Premolars or bicuspids
    1. Crown
    2. Neck
    3. Root
  41. First molar
  42. Second molar - Shows destructive action of carie on pulp, and inflammation of the periodontal membrane.
  43. Third molar shows caries and pulpitis

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