Life-Size Two-Part Brain Model

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Life-size two part brain held together with magnets: Dividing into hemispheres along the midsagittal plane, these life-size models embody all salient structures of the human cerebral cortex, cerebellum and brain stem, including the origins of the twelve cranial nerves.

Natural Tone with hand lettering, identify the various lobes of the cerebral cortex, as well as the motor somatosensory and limbic cortices, cerebellum and brain stem.

Some 50 features are numbered for identification in the accompanying key. 

Also available  0156-00 Cerebral Regions painting edition

  1. Frontal lobe
  2. Superior frontal gyrus
  3. Middle frontal gyrus
  4. Inferior frontal gyrus
  5. Orbital part of inferior frontal gyrus
  6. Triangular part of inferior frontal gyrus
  7. Opercular part of inferior frontal gyrus
  8. Orbital gyri
  9. Cingulate gyrus
  10. Parietal lobe
  11. Pre-central sulcus
  12. Pre-central gyrus
  13. Central sulcus (Rolandic fissure)
  14. Postcentral gyrus
  15. Postcentral sulcus
  16. Supramarginal gyrus
  17. Angular gyrus
  18. Parieto-Occipital sulcus
  19. Occipital lobe
  20. Temporal lobe
  21. Superior temporal sulcus
  22. Middle temporal sulcus
  23. Superior temporal gyrus (Wernicke’s area)
  24. Middle temporal gyrus
  25. Inferior temporal gyrus
  26. Lateral fissure
  27. Pons*
  28. Medulla*
  29. Pyramidal tracts
  30. Decussation of pyramids
  31. Cerebellum
  32. Flocculus
  33. Thalamus
  34. Hypothalamus
  35. Pituitary (Infundibulum)
  36. Pineal body
  37. Midbrain*
  38. Septum pellucidum
  39. Corpus collosum
  40. Anterior commissure
  41. Posterior commissure
  42. Cerebral aqueduct
  43. Mammillary body
  44. Interthalamic adhesion
  45. 4th Ventricule
  46. Fornix
  47. Cerebral Peduncle
  48. Olfactory bulb
  49. Olfactory tract
  50. Optic chiasma
  51. Optic tract

Cranial Nerve I – Olfactory n. (smell) not shown Cranial Nerve II – Optic n. (vision)
Cranial Nerve III – Oculomotor nerve
Cranial Nerve IV – Trochlear nerve

Cranial Nerve V – Trigeminal nerve
Cranial Nerve VI – Abducens nerve
Cranial Nerve VII – Facial nerve
Cranial Nerve VIII – Vestibulocochlear nerve Cranial Nerve IX – Glossopharyngeal nerve Cranial Nerve X – Vagus nerve

Cranial Nerve XI – Spinal accessory nerve Cranial Nerve XII – Hypoglossal nerve

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