Kilgore Typodent, 32 teeth - Urethane

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This is the dentoform used in the PRO2001-UL-UP-DP-OB.  The code PRO2001-UL-UP-DP-OB refers to the dentoform, oral cavity cover and metal plates.

Model used for Canadian Applicant Exam Practice. Upper and Lower Arch with 32 screw-retained teeth and urethane tissue. Model has a "DP" pole articulator.

Buy Genuine Kilgore / NISSIN products only
We have seen an increase in the number of sites advertising models and products which are not authentic targeting NDEB students. Please note that we have been in contact with Kilgore who in conjuction with NISSIN are able to confirm that there are counterfeit products currently being marketed as original NISSIN products. These products may not be compatible with authentic products and may not be of the same quality standards as the authentic products that we carry.

This model is used for the practice and demonstration for students learning hygiene, assisting and denistry studies. All of the teeth can be removed individually for easy replacement. All teeth are made with lifelike density and morphology. This model will accept all genuine 200 series teeth produced by NISSIN including those for restorative practice.

The model features the urethane material gingivae similar to the one used for examination purposes. The gingivae can be easily replaced to prolong the life of your model.

You can extend the functionality of the typodont model as well with the addition of the oral cavity cover and magnetic plates for use in some training manikins.

What's in the box:

  • Typodont model with urethane gingiva and full set of 32 teeth
  • DP hinge type articulator
  • Screw driver for tooth replacement

Occlusion issues - After some time of working with changing teeth you may notice that your typodont no longer has proper occlusion. This happens due to usage but is easily fixed. Please follow the following steps:

  1. Ensure all teeth are seated correctly in the socket and not raised - blow compressed air into the socket to remove any tooth particulates or fragments if required
  2. Slightly unscrew the 4 screws that attach the articulator to the arches (1 - 2 turns counter-clockwise)
  3. Hold the upper and lower arch tightly so they are in occlusion
  4. While holding the arches in place in occlusion tighten the screws (clockwise) for the articulator

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