Hygiene Typodent, Full Dentition


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An industry favorite for periodontal and dental hygiene practice.  The model features enhanced gingival areas for finger placement with anatomically rooted teeth for realistic scaling and root planning.

The model comes with a full set of 32 teeth.  The model is also available with #19 (3.6) edentulous and #14 (2.6) super errupted as model TR56C.  The teeth are made of a hard fiber so the scaler will not dig in and calculus can be applied sub and supra gingival.

The gingiva is available in 3 variations: Pink for the most realistic practice, semi-translucent to allow students to visualize the root and transparent which is ideal as a demonstration model.

For enhanced practice add an Oral Cavity Cover as a water collection system to allow use of ultrasonic scalers and add a Tongue to pratice mirror placement and refraction.

Kilgore / Nissin Authorized Distributor

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