Human Myofascial Meridians chart

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An excellent chart for teaching and understanding the myofascial tissue and system of the human body.  Ideal for visualizing the connective layers.

The chart is beautifully illustrated with callouts and  highlights the following human myofascial merdians:

  • The Superficial Back Line
  • The Superficial Front Line
  • The Lateral Line
  • The Spiral Line
  • The Deep Back Arm Line
  • The Deep Front Arm Line
  • The Superficial Back Arm Line
  • The Superficial Front Arm Line
  • The Functional Front Line
  • The Functional Back Line
  • The Ipsilateral Functional Line
  • Frontal View
  • The Deep Front Line Back View
  • Lateral View


Measuring 50cm x 70cm | 20" x 27.5"  These charts come laminated with metal eyelets in the top corners for easy hanging.

Rudiger Anatomie Authorized Distributor

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