High Flexibility Spine with Thoracic Cage

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Your new favorite spine for show a wide range of motion.  Historically spine models with  a ribcage typically have limited mobility through the thoracic spine.  To get around this restriction each rib on this spine is individually articulated to the sternum allowing the entire ribcage to articulate.

The end result of the mobile ribcage is rotation and flexibility not found on any other models.  Easily compressed vertebral discs add to the enhanced mobility.

The scapula and clavicle are flexibly articulated allowing a great range of motion of the shoulder girdle.

Ideal for demonstrating movement of ribcage for athletic and vocal activities.  Flexibility of the ribcage helps to demonstrate movement and relationship of the ribcage to the pelvis.


Easily removable from the clear acyrlic included base.


Dimensions 70 cm
27.6 in
Warranty 5 year

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