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Twice life size of an adult human heart to show detail and facilitate group study. 

Three hinged portals allow full access to heart chambers and valves. 

Attached portion of trachea and esophagus demonstrate their relationship to major blood vessels. 

Unbreakable model fully rotates on wooden pedestal, or lifts off for pass around viewing. 

100% made in America and autographed by the artist.  

Overall dimensions on base: 7x7x15 inches (18x18x38 cm).

63 cardiac structures number coded and identified in corresponding key. 
  1. Right atrium
  2. Right auricle
  3. Coronary sulcus
  4. Right ventricle
  5. Anterior interventricular sulcus
  6. Left ventricle
  7. Left atrium
  8. Pulmonary veins
  9. Pulmonary trunk
    1. Right branch of pulmonary artery
    2. Left branch of pulmonary artery
  10. Ligamentum arteriosum (remnant of ductus arteriosus)
  11. Ascending aorta
  12. Aortic arch
  13. Brachiocephalic trunk
  14. Left common carotid artery
  15. Left subclavian artery
  16. Superior vena cava
  17. Right brachiocephalic vein
  18. Left brachiocephalic vein
  19. Descending aorta
  20. Esophagus
  21. Trachea
  22. Annular ligament
  23. Tracheal cartilages
  24. Left bronchus
  25. Right bronchus
  26. Inferior vena cava
  27. Coronary sinus
  28. Great cardiac vein
  29. Left coronary artery
  30. Fatty tissue
  31. Right coronary artery
  32. Sinoatrial node
  33. Orifice of inferior vena cava
  34. Valve of inferior vena cava
  35. Tricuspid valve
  36. Atrioventricular node
  37. Pulmonary valve

    (Semilunar valve of pulmonary artery)

  38. Right branch of Bundle of His
  39. Purkinje fibers
  40. Chordae tendineae
  41. Bicuspid (mitral) valve
  42. Papillary muscles
  43. Left branch of Bundle of His
  44. Interventricular septum
  45. Aortic valve (semilunar valve of aorta)
  46. Small cardiac vein
  47. Posterior vein of left ventricle
  48. Apex of heart
  49. Circumflex branch of left coronary artery
  50. Anterior interventricular branch of left coronary artery
  51. Left auricle
  52. Pectinate muscle
  53. Crista terminalis
  54. Posterior left ventricular branch
  55. Fossa ovalis (remnant of foramen ovale)
  56. Limbus of fossa ovalis
  57. Valve of coronary sinus
  58. Opening of coronary sinus
  59. Azygous vein
  60. Middle cardiac vein
  61. Posterior interventricular branch
  62. Trabeculae carneae
  63. Marginal branches on right coronary

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