Giant Regional Brain

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Besides exhibiting some 120 numbered neurostructures, this giant brain replica incorporates nine vibrant colors to differentiate the front, parietal, occipital and temporal lobes, as well as the cerebellum, brain stem and the motor, somato sensory and limbic cortices.  In addition, each of the lobes, the limbic cortex, pre- and postcentral gyri is identified with hand lettering. complete with key to numbered structures and reproducible copy masters, the model measures 8x8x10 inches (2x20x25cm) overall.  
To facilitate ease in observation of fine detail, Denoyer-Geppert Giant Brain models are scaled to twice normal life-size. Yet despite their size, Denoyer-Geppert Giant Brains are safe for pass around - they are molded of nonbreakable vinyl, and because their detachable segments are secured with pins, they won’t disassemble until pulled apart.

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