Giant Kidney Model

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0147-00  Deluxe Kidney

Three times life-size, this vinyl-plastic model of the left kidney is parasagitally sectioned over three-fourths of its anterior surface.  Illustrated in deep relief are:

  • the renal artery and vein
  • a portion of the ureter, cortex
  • medulla
  • pyramids
  • pelvis
  • major and minor calyces
  • internal blood supply

Nephrons are detailed in contrasting colors with the distal and proximal convoluted tubules somewhat simplified for clarity. Several loops of Henle with glomeruli are also detailed in relief.

34 hand-numbered features are identified in the accompanying key

Measurements: 14x8x5 inches (36x20x13 cm).

  1. Superior extremity
  2. Inferior extremity
  3. Internal border
  4. External border
  5. Hilum
  6. Cortex
  7. Medulla
  8. Pyramid
  9. Base of pyramid
  10. Renal papilla
  11. Columns of Bertini
  12. Cortical capillary plexus
  13. Glomeruli (renal corpuscles)
  14. Proximal convoluted tubule
  15. Ascending loop of Henle
  16. Descending loop of Henle
  17. Distal convoluted tubule
  18. Collecting tubule
  19. Excretory tubules
  20. Pelvis
  21. Major calyx
  22. Minor calyx
  23. Area cribrosa
  24. Excretory tubules
  25. Ureter
  26. Renal vein
  27. Interlobular veins
  28. Arcuate veins
  29. Interlobular or radiate veins
  30. Renal artery
  31. Interlobular arteries
  32. Arcuate arteries
  33. Interlobular or radiate arteries
  34. Arteriae and venae rectae

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