Giant Dicot Flower

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B50  Representing a greatly enlarged idealized complete flower, this non-breakable vinyl plastic model teaches the reproduction function of flowers, angiosperm pollination and fertilization.

  • Greatly enlarged for maximum visibility
  • Separates into twelve parts
  • Dissections expose the intricacies of angiosperm reproduction
  • It incorporates all four floral series: the sterile calyx (sepals) and corolla (petals); the fertile androecium (stamens) and gynoecium (pistil).
  • Three petals, four sepals and four stamens are detachable. Two anthers are sectioned open to expose pollen grains.
  • The ovary is dissected to reveal the 7-celled female gametophyte.

Pollination is demonstrated by six pollen grains which have adhered to the stigma. One of them has generated a pollen tube which has penetrated the micropyle. Depicting the condition just prior to double fertilization, the tube nucleus, closely followed by the two sperm cells, can be observed near the apex of the pollen tube. One sperm is destined to fertilize the two polar nuclei forming the nutritive triploid endosperm. The other will fertilize the egg to form the diploid zygote.
27 hand-coded structures are identified in the accompanying key.

Overall dimensions: 17x14x10 inches (43x36x25cm.)

Denoyer Geppert Authorized Distributor

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