Functional Hand Skeleton Model with Elastic Ligaments

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This single-part hand skeleton model shows the anatomy of the ligaments in the hand in detail. It is ideally suited both as a teaching aid as well as for anatomy classes, such as for medical students, physiotherapists and occupational therapists. The carpals (ossa carpi), the metacarpals (ossa metacarpi) and finger bones (ossa digitorum manus) are shown as osseous structures. In the distal area of the forearm, the radius and the ulna are represented.

  • The fibrous layer of connective tissue, described in anatomy as the membrana interossea, is shown. It extends between both of these long bones.
  • The retinaculum flexorum, which forms the top of the carpal tunnel, an anatomical area of clinical relevance, is also shown.
  • All ligaments, the membrana interossea and the retinaculum flexorum are shown flexibly so that functional movements can be simulated for teaching purposes, in particular the joints in the wrist.

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