Frasaco Standard ANA-4 Typodont - 28 Tooth model


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Latest generation typodont offers the highest accracy, consistency, and repeatability available in a typodont. Ideal for restorative and prosthodontic courses. Separate upper and lower arches with 28 screw-retained teeth and soft gingival shrouds.

Models comes complete with hinge assembly.

I already have a Kilgore or Columbia Dentoform model, what's the difference?
We answer this question quite a bit and thought it might be helpful to address.  They might all look the same but like other models there are subtle differences between the various models which make a huge difference when cutting or working on the teeth.

Compared to the typical D95 200 series Kilgore model the ANA-4 features similar morphology, larger teeth and much harder material for the teeth making it difficult to compare practice on one to the other. 

Compared to the Columbia Dentoform 860 series model the teeth are similar in hardness but the shape and morphology is different. 

While any model can be used as a substitute the only way to accurately reproduce examination conditions is to practice on the same model used by the program.

Candent is an authorized distributor for Frasaco products in Canada. All products sold by Candent are authentic models from the Frasaco factory in Germany. Please be cautious when purchasing from non-authorized dealers as several 3rd party models are available which do not perform in the same manner as the original model such as irregular fitment of the teeth and poor quality of the hinge/articulator mechanism.

Frasaco Authorized Distributor

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