Digestive System Model

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Life-size Five-part Digestive System replicates the entire alimentary tract from mouth to anus, including:

    1. Detachable lower jaw half, complete with teeth, muscles of mastication and salivary glands
    2. Dissected pancreas exposing the pancreatic and common bile ducts
    3. Duodenum sectioned open to reveal the hepato-pancreatic ampulla and the entrance of the accessory pancreatic duct
    4. Dissection of the terminal portion of the ileum and cecum showing the ileo-cecal valve and the orifice of the vermiform appendix
    5. Section through the rectum, anal canal and anus to reveal the anal columns and anal sphincter

The liver and 2-part stomach also detach to ease in observation. Features are number coded for identification in the accompanying key, and the model is mounted on a hardwood base.

Key numbers

The Lower Half of the Jaw

  1. Mandible
  2. Incisor
  3. Canine
  4. Premolar
  5. Molar
  6. Parotid gland
  7. Parotid duct
  8. Submandibular gland
  9. Masseter muscle
  10. Tongue
  11. Genioglossus muscle
  12. Geniohyoid muscle
  13. Mylohyoid muscle
  14. Digastric muscle
  15. Hyoid bone

The Head

  1. Concha(turbinates)
  2. Olfactory nerves
  3. Maxilla
  4. Hard palate
  5. Soft palate
  6. Pharynx
  7. Larynx
  8. Trachea
  9. Esophagus
  10. Epiglottis
  11. Thyroid cartilage
  12. Cricoid cartilage
  13. Vocal fold

Lower Digestive System

  1. Small intestine, duodenum
  2. Pancreas
  3. Pancreatic duct
  4. Accessory pancreatic duct
  5. Major duodenal papilla
  6. Spleen
  7. Splenic vein
  8. Splenic artery
  9. Superior mesenteric vein
  10. Superior mesenteric artery
  11. Small intestine, jejunum and ileum
  12. Ileocecal valve
  13. Cecum
  14. Appendix
  15. Large intestine, ascending colon
  16. Large intestine, transverse colon
  17. Large intestine, descending colon
  18. Large intestine, sigmoid colon
  19. Rectum
  20. External anal sphincter muscle
  21. Internal anal sphincter muscle

Overall dimensions: 36x11x6 inches (91x28x15 cm).

Denoyer Geppert Authorized Distributor

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