Deluxe Eight Part Life Size Brain With Arteries

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Cast in nonbreakable vinyl plastic, our deluxe human brain model incorporates the arterial blood supply complete with termini of the Internal Carotids, Basilar artery, and Circle of Willis.

Cranial nerves and a dissectible brain stem are featured as well. The right hemisphere divides in two, while the left splits into four segments, including half of the brain stem and half of the cerebellum. Also detachable are the pituitary and the basilar artery.  

Resting on its molded display base which permits simultaneous observation of its superior, inferior and lateral aspects, the brain simply lifts off its base for disassembly and hands-on study. Safe for pass-around - because all detachable components are secured with pins - the brain won’t come apart until pulled apart.

115 features, including the twelve cranial nerves, are numbered on the model and are identified in the accompany key.  

Overall dimensions: 6x5x7 inches (14x13x18cm).




  1. Right Hemisphere
  2. Left Hemisphere
  3. Sylvian fissure (lateral sulcus)
  4. Central sulcus (of Rolando)
  5. Frontal lobe
  6. Temporal lobe
  7. Parietal lobe
  8. Occipital lobe
  9. Frontal Pole
  10. Occipital Pole
  11. Superior frontal gyrus
  12. Middle frontal gyrus
  13. Inferior frontal gyrus
  14. Orbital part of the frontal gyrus
  15. Precentral gyrus (Somatomotor)
  16. Postcentral gyrus (Somatosensory)
  17. Intraparietal sulcus
  18. Superior parietal lobule
  19. Inferior parietal lobule
  20. Lateral occipitotemporal gyrus
  21. Angular gyrus
  22. Supramarginal gyrus
  23. Superior temporal gyrus
  24. Middle temporal gyrus
  25. Inferior temporal gyrus
  26. Cingulate gyrus
  27. Paracentral lobule
  28. Precuneus
  29. Cuneus
  30. Lingual gyrus
  31. Parahippocampal gyrus
  32. Occipitotemporal gyrus (fusiform gyrus)
  33. Uncus
Brain stem (left half )
  1. Corpus callosum
  2. Genu of corpus callosum
  3. Rostrum of corpus callosum
  4. Sulcus of corpus callosum
  5. Body of fornix
  6. Anterior commissure
  7. Interthalamic adhesion
  8. Posterior commissure
  9. Corpora quadrigemina
  10. Pineal body
  11. Optic thalamus
  12. Insular lobe
  13. Interventricular foramen
  14. Cerebral aqueduct (Sylvian aqueduct)
  15. Lamina terminalis
  16. Optic chiasm
  17. Tuber cinereum
  18. Cerebral peduncle
  19. Pons varolii (Tuber anulare)
  20. Medulla oblongata
  21. Spinal cord
  22. Fourth ventricle
  23. Corpora striata
  24. Stria terminalis
  25. Left column of fornix
  26. Pulvinar of thalamus
  27. Medial geniculate body
  28. Superior colliculus of geniculate body
  29. Inferior colliculus of geniculate body
  30. Superior cerebellar peduncle
  31. Middle cerebellar peduncle
  32. Fasciculus gracilis
  33. Pyramid
  34. Olive
  35. Sulcus of pons
  36. Mammilary body
  37. Optic tract
C. Dissection of left hemisphere 71. Posterior horn of lateral ventricle 72. Hippocampus
  1. Calcar avis
  2. Commissure of hippocampus
D. Cerebellum
  1. Superior vermis
  2. Inferior vermis
  3. Flocculus
  4. Tonsilla
  5. Arbor vitae
  6. Lateral longitudinal fibers of corpus callosum
  7. Tapetum
  8. Septum pellucidum
  9. Habenular commissure
  10. Choroid plexus of the third ventricle
  11. Superior medullary vellum
  12. Decussation of superior peduncular fibers
  13. Longitudinal fibers of the pons
Cranial nerves
  • I  Olfactory nerve
  • II  Optic nerve
  • III  Oculomotor nerve
  • IV  Trochlear nerve
  • V  Trigeminal nerve
  • VI  Abducens nerve
  • VII  Facial nerve
  • VIII  Vestibulocochlear nerve
  • IX  Glossopharyngeal nerve
  • X  Vagus nerve
  • XI  Spinal accessory nerve
  • XII  Hypoglossal nerve

Blood Vessels

  1. Internal carotid artery*
  2. Middle cerebral artery
  3. Anterior cerebral artery
  4. Middle cerebral artery
  5. Anterior communicating artery

Pituitary (Hypophysis)

  1. Anterior lobe of the pituitary gland
  2. Posterior lobe of the pituitary gland

Circle of Willis

  1. Vertebral artery*
  2. Basilar artery*
  3. Posterior communicating artery*
  4. Superior cerebellar artery
  5. Anterior inferior cerebellar artery
  6. Posterior inferior cerebellar artery


  • Internal carotid artery
  • Anterior communicating artery
  • Posterior communicating artery Superior cerebellar artery
  • Basilar artery
  • Anterior inferior cerebellar artery
  • Vertebral artery
  • Posterior inferior cerebellar artery

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