DARWIN Head with Magnetic Articulator and bench mount

SKU: DARWIN Head with Magnetic Articulator

DARWIN Head: DARWIN Head with Magnetic Articulator
Bench Mount: Table Mount for Dental Manikin
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DARWIN Head with magnetic articulator is the foundation for a realistic practice environment. Ideal for institutional or at home use.

  • Create a realistic practice environment
  • Use what the Universities use
  • Includes the adapter and bench mount for a ready to use solution

This is a new type of magnetic manikin system that simplifies the process and eliminates the need for time-consuming articulator adjustments. The upper and lower jaws of the typodont are held in place with locator pins and are magnetically attached WITHOUT removing the typodont's articulator so the models occlusion is not changed. With Darwin the model insertion and removal only takes a matter of seconds.

This recently redesigned model features a new chin component which when used with the new DARWIN specific rubber sheet reduces strain and wear on the chin. The new rubber sheet is meant to connect to the anchor points on the head and ears while the chin portion hooks on to the magnetic tray below the jaw.

This item is the head and magnetic articulator only. All accessories and parts must be purchased separately. Head will come with bench mount adapter to attach it to a compact bench mounting system (CBM-3). Mount and typodont model are not included.

Please note that the manikin does require a hex key to tighten the manikin to the mount. This item is included with the manikin.  It can be ordered separately here.


Tips for adjusting your manikin

As mentioned above the manikin is meant to be used with the CBM-3 bench mounting system. This mount features a ball joint to simulate the range of motion of a patient's neck. When adjusting the position of your manikin (reclining and rotating the head) always make the adjustments at the ball joint of the mount. Do not try to rotate the head only, rotation would occur at the ball joint. Trying to rotate the head only will cause the set screw attaching the head and mount in place to loosen, which may effect the performance of the product.

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