Crico Chris - Cricothyrotomy Task Trainer

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Cricothyrotomy places high demands on the skills of the practitioner and can have serious consequences for the patient if not practiced properly. Crico Chris enables regular training of lifelike cricothyrotomies without risk.

The handy trainer has a larynx with interchangeable conic ligament and skin. Both the skin and LIg. Conicum are designed so that both can be gradually rotated 360° and allow a variety of exercises until replacement is required.

A special feature of Crico Chris is the blood-filled pouch placed between the skin and ligament, which allows blood to escape during the incision and makes further work more difficult. In addition to lifelike anatomy and a realistic feel, Crico Chris offers an excellent price/performance ratio and high cost-effectiveness.

What's Included
- Basic body
- Laryngeal cartilage
- Larynx - ligament layer (2x)
- Throat skin
- Airway
- Artificial blood bag (3x)

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