Columbia Dentoform 32 Tooth Dentoform with soft Pink Gingiva, 860 Series


Sale price$456.00


Our most popular model. Used in schools and training insitutions across the world the Columbia Dentoform model offers realistic practice and superb quality.  860 Series adult typodonts provide students with a great level of detail, including a 30-degree condyle and an inclined Curve of Spee. They can be adapted to fit any bench manikin  system and individual teeth are easily replaced for study or additional practice.

The model comes with a set of 32 teeth installed, hinge type articulator and pink silicone gingiva. 


This model is meant for use with the standard 860 series of replacement teeth. Email us at to inquire about custom molded preparations specific to your program and needs. This is an institutional service.

Columbia Dentoform Authorized Distributor

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