Anatomy and Injuries of the Hand and Wrist

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A detailed chart showing normal anatomy of the hand and wrist as well as commong injuries. Each illustration is clealy labeled and injuries are textually described.

Anatomy and Injuries of the Hand and Wrist illustrates the following normal anatomy:
Palmar view of the bones, mucsles and ligaments of the hand and wrist
Dorsal view of the bones muscles and ligaments of the foot and ankle
nerve and blood supply to the hand and wrist
deep dorsal view of the left wrist
deep volar view of the left wrist

Anatomy and Injuries of the Hand and Wrist illustrates and describes the following common injuries:
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Finger Maladies: Trigger Finger, Ganglion Cyst, Snuffbox Tenderness, bursitis and tendonitits

The chart also visually and textually describes movement about the wrist and fingers: flexion, extension, hyperextension, supination , pronation, and thumb opposition.
Made in the USA.

Dimensions for this chart are 20" x 26" (51cm x 66cm)


Plak Mounted ChartsGive your chart a clean, professional look.  Heavy Paper charts can be plak mounted on to a 3/8" wood core backing with seamless black edges.  The edges are custom sized precisely to the size of the charts making for a seamless finish.

Framed charts typically need matting or custom fitting which is costly when done correctly or looks unfinished.

Plak mounting requires 4 - 7 business days for processing.

Tip: If considering frames or plak mounting, heavy paper finish should be selected.  Lamination can not be added post purchase.

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