Advanced Knowbody Teaching Torso

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14 parts | 20 dissectible structures | 200 hand-numbered anatomical features


Rigidly mounted on a hardwood base, it stands 37 inches (94 cm) tall. More detailed than the Basic KnowBody, our Advanced KnowBody separates into the following components:
  • Eyeball with extraocular muscles
  • 4-part brain half
  • Left lung with ribs
  • Right lung with ribs (with blood vessels and bronchioles)
  • Heart (2 halves)
  • Liver with gallbladder and diaphragm segment
  • Stomach (2 halves)
  • One-piece small and large intestine unit
  • One-piece torso and head unit

Denoyer Geppert Authorized Distributor

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