700 Series - 32 Tooth Model with Urethane Gums

SKU: D95SDP-700 (GUB)

Configuration: Typodont Only
Sale price$240.00


The new standard for the NDECC, this new and improved typodont builds on the success of older models but with some major changes including:

  • Secondary anatomy has been improved and is in much greater detail
  • Interproximal and Occlusal Contact points have been improved
  • Patented slotted design at the base of each tooth prevents rotation
  • FDI number system is at the bottom of each tooth
  • Contacts are tight but still allow use of wedge in between

This typodont allows you to practice on the same setup as used by the NDEB to simulate exam scenarios.

Model comes with DP hinge style articulator, set of 32 standard teeth with screws, screwdriver as well as the included urethane gingiva.



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