500HPRO - Calibration & Probing Model


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This unique model fits perfectly into the Dental Hygiene Curriculum for calibration, detection and probing practice! Standardize your teaching and have the opportunity to agree on qualifying calculus.

The calibration teeth have non-removable, white calculus placed on #8, 14, 24 and 30 are a great way to build your the student’s tactile skills. Calibration teeth #5, 11, 20 and 27 were designed to have the white calculus be different shape and size while being placed along the line angle.

Now, you can guide your students on where calculus would be on a real patient and give that understanding on line angle calculus which is critical for real life skills and exam board preparation. Our probing insert provides a clinic-like experience with a realistic feel past the sulcus and down to the junctional epithelium for accurate probing depths!

Candent Authorized Distributor

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