Which dental mount to use to practice at home?

For dental students practicing for licensing and board exams at home, setting up your model is an easy way to extend your practicing. When practicing at home, having the right setup is crucial for effective simulation. One of the primary concerns is how to mount your dental model. And that's where we come in!  We have two options for the mounts at home and below we will go through the differences

No DARWIN No Problem. One common concern is how to work at home with a DARWIN or similar head and the answer is quite simple.  Your typodont model has a hinge to articulate the upper and lower arches.  The hinge has a clamp which allows you to mount your model directly on to a mount without the need for a head.  It is not as complete as having your DARWIN but can be cost effective and accurate.

Table Mount for Dental Manikin
Table/Chair Mount for Dental Manikin

Ideal For: Home setups or flat workstations.

Usage: Exclusively designed for use on tables or benches.

Ideal For: Those who have access to a dental  chair or wish to practice in a more professional setting.

Usage: Versatile, designed for both tables and dental chairs.

What is the difference?

The CBM-3 Mount is designed for use on a table/bench only while the CBM-3A Mount is meant to be used on a Table or a Dental Chair.  

If you have access to a dental chair that you will be practicing on, the CBM-3A is the mount for you.

The Table/Chair mount features the same ball joint system to simulate movement of the neck, however because of the placement the head can not go below parallel to the table.

More Room to Work

The CBM-3 mount places the model 4" further away from the table allowing you with 4 additional inches of elbow and room to work.  This can be helpful if you are positioned aside the table and trying to gain access to the mouth.

Increased Height

The CBM-3A mount places the model 5" higher than the table mount, making it a great option for taller individuals, those with a height adjustable stool or working off of a lower table.

Every situation will be different and require some adjustment but picking and setting up a mount for practice at home should not be complicated.