Helping students Learn From Home

With in person classes being reformatted to online and remote methods we have been working to help make sure programs and students are not sacrificing the value of their programs due to logistical concerns. If we can get our products to Addis Ababa Bole International airport, getting them to you students should be a piece of cake.

Here are some ways that we are helping our customers:

Getting instructors the tools they need

Having teaching resources in a classroom or a lab are luxuries that not everyone has right now.  To help keep classes and curriculum going instructors having been outfitting their homes with some of the same models found in their classroom.  Having the same resources used when classes return to campuses and labs helps to keep curriculum on schedule and students learning at the highest levels.  Whether we're shipping to your schools dock or your residence we'll get you what you need.

Getting students their models and specimens

Students that require individual models and aides for their program may not be able to stroll into the bookstore to pick those items so we're taking it to them.  We have been kitting and packaging products specific to programs to help give students an all in one resource to get their goods.

Helping ease the load off bookstores

If we supply your program or bookstore with items that are generally distributed, why not take advantage of our dropshipping capabilities to relieve your staff of workload.  We can set up a custom login where your staff can enter orders (or send us a list and we'll enter it) and we handle the fulfillment.  You take the orders, we handle the inventory, handling and shipping.

To see if there is a way that we can help add value to your program or your students learning experience please get in touch and we will be happy to help.  Contact us at .