Artificial Bauchene Skull of an Adult, Mounted

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Modelled according to nature, in SOMSO-PLAST®. Natural representation of bone structure in all anatomical details. All the bones are mounted on a plastic base corresponding to the shape of the skull, and can be removed from this base. Separates into22 parts: Os frontale, Os parietale (2 parts), Os temporale (2 parts), Os zygomaticum (2 parts), Os nasale (2 parts), Os occipitale, Maxilla (2 parts) with Os lacrimale, Concha nasalis inferior and Os palatinum, Vomer, Os ethmoidale, Os sphenoidale, Mandibula. Articulated stand on a green base to facilitate demonstrations.

Weight: 2.35 kg | 5.18 lbs
Dimensions: 28 x 25 x 40 cm | 11.1" x 9.9" x 15.8"

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