Can't find the Kilgore Precut that you need

Preparing and practicing for a clinical skills exam is stressful enough with the added issue of not being able to find the teeth you've been recommended to practice with.

Supply issues due to production constraints at the factory are one reason that teeth may be out of stock but sometimes they aren't even listed or mentioned. There are times when different boards can restrict teeth from being made available - it's not always just Canadian boards.

Below are a few of the teeth that we know customers have been looking for that are restricted.

  • UR14B
  • UR31C
  • UL11B
  • UL34
  • UL76F
  • LL66T
  • LL76G

Hopefully this helps everyone who is searching for teeth they will not find available for sale. For most teeth there are similar options and substitutes that can be used.

For questions about preps or availability please email us at