Flexible Female Pelvis Model with Femur Heads

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  • Flexible Female Pelvis Model with Femur Heads
  • Flexible Female Pelvis Model - SI Joint
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Help explain the dynamic nature of the pelvis with one of the most useful models.  If you are treating or struggling to explain the importance of pelvic stability and the structure on a regular basis this will give you hours back!

  • The model consists of a sacrum, coccyx with flexibly mounted L5 and L4 with discs. 
  • In addition elastic connectors allow you to attach and detach the ilium. 
  • Each side is independant so you can set one side as "normal" and loosen or tighten the other side to show hyper and hypo mobility of the SI Joint. 
  • This model is updated to also include removable, elastically mounted femur to show to the movement and relationship of the leg.


Based on a female pelvis this model provides great mobility by articulating the ilium to the sacrum using elastic. This allows disassembly of the models as well as tremendous mobility showing the movement of the SI joint. Ideal for osteopathic and chiropractic studies.

11 x 9 x 7 in

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