Cranial Osteopathy chart

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A unique chart that cover anatomy, technique and practice of cranial osteopathy.  A fantastic visual aide for patient education and teaching.

The chart highlights the following topics:

  • Cranial Bone motion in Flexion
  • Cranial Bone motion in Extension
  • Bones of the Base of the Skull
  • Directions of movement and (mis) positions of the occipital and sphenoid bone
  • Sphenobasilar neutral
  • Sphenobasilar in flexion
  • Sphenobasilar in extension
  • Cranial-sacral Rhythm
  • Flow of Cerebrospinal fluid
  • Compression / Separation
  • Lateral strain Right / Left
  • Side bending rotation
  • Superior (Inferior) vertical strain


In addition the following techiniques are briefly illustrated and described:

  • CV4 technique
  • Decompression of the sagittal suture
  • Disstressing the occipital bone
  • Frontal bone techniques
  • Sutherland-Grip
  • Ear pull technique
  • Frontal and Occipital bone technique
  • Combinational technique


Measuring 50cm x 70cm | 20" x 27.5"  These charts come laminated with metal eyelets in the top corners for easy hanging.

Rudiger Anatomie Authorized Distributor

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