Anatomical Products

Anatomical Products

Since 1971 Candent has been focused on providing the highest quality and accuracy of human anatomy models.  With 50 years of experience working with anatomy labs, bone specimen and university programs we have what you need.  Shipped quickly.  Backed by manufacturer warrantys.

All products are shipped from our own warehouse in Canada.  We ship around the world.

For volume, institutional and group order inquires please contact us at

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  • Brain with Arteries Somso Bs 23 Brain with Arteries Somso Bs 23

    Brain with Arteries

    Natural cast, in SOMSO-PLASTĀ®. With representation of arterial network of vessels. Separates into 9 parts: frontal and parietal lobes (2 parts), temporal and occipital lobes (2 parts), medulla (2 parts), cerebellum (2 parts), and basilar artery...
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